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Small business health insurance coverage is health insurance offered in groups targeted for small-sized businesses. In most cases, small businesses refer to businesses with employee counts of less than 50. This limit, however, differs based on what different health insurance providers use as a standard for determining the size of a company. There are several small business health insurance plans being offered these days, and they are customized in various ways to help meet different company and employee needs.

However, a lot of companies are overwhelmed by the need to search for small business health plans, so what are the benefits of a small business health insurance ? Most human resource managers in companies are often faced with the tough decision of choosing a health plan that is within the company’s means and one that will provide guaranteed benefits for employees. Some companies also balk at the initial costs of group health insurance that they encounter. What they really need, however, are good leads as to which health insurance plans for small businesses are most preferable. Here are some leads that might help.

Leads to the Best Small Business Health Insurance Plans

1. Assurant Health Insurance

Assurant health insurance has a special plan offered to small businesses. These plans are designed for employers who want to provide insurance for 2 to 50 employees. This specific plan is called the Real Choices Major Medical Plans, which offers small businesses the flexibility to create a plan that fits the unique needs of small companies. The plan offers preventive coverage as well as coverage for specialty care. Assurant also offers an extensive choice of doctors.

The Real Choices Major Medical Plans for small businesses offered by Assurant can also be paired with HSA plans and HRA plans that allow you to set up a funding for your healthcare needs using portion of your income prior to tax deductions.

2. Aetna Health Insurance

One of the most successful providers that have managed to gain a rather strong foothold on the small business health insurance market is Aetna. Aetna offers various plans for employers, and their offer for small groups applies to companies with 2 to 50 employees. Aetna’s extensive portfolio boasts of health plans that offer extensive PPO groups consisting of the best doctors and hospitals in the country, plus excellent coverage offered by a reliable company. Aetna also makes sure that both sides enjoy benefits from their small business health plans. As employees bask in the benefits of their coverage, the employers can also be relieved of all the administrative hassles of applying and maintaining the health plan for the entire group thanks to Aetna’s website and online account access, convenient plan administration, and a reputable customer service system.

3. CIGNA Plans for Small Businesses – Cigna Health Insurance for Businesses Benefits

CIGNA is another source of health insurance plans worth trusting. CIGNA has made a name of its own in the health insurance field. The company also offers several health insurance plans for businesses of all sizes. Their main group offers are HMO and PPO networks. They also offer various consumer-directed plans that help boost the coverage and benefits of the traditional plans offered by the company. The consumer-directed plans include HSAs, HRAs, and FSAs. CIGNA has an easy online tool for comparing their different plan offers so employers can easily choose from among the top-quality offers of CIGNA.

Benefits of Small Business Health Insurance Coverage – Affordable Plans

Several small businesses have now found the importance of getting health insurance for their employees. Despite the small size and although they do not have as much income as the larger companies do, small businesses go out of their way to offer health insurance benefits to their employees. This is because doing so also holds a lot of promises for them. Small businesses face much growth potential when they choose to take the plunge and offer health benefits to employees. Since their employees will enjoy health benefits, they will have added motivation to be part of the team and to work hard. Satisfied employees also equal increased productivity. This way, small businesses can grow faster into the successful companies they envision themselves to be.

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