Health Insurance Plans in Texas: Your Roadmap to Health Coverage in Texas

Health insurance plans in Texas is different from health insurance in any other state. Texas is considered as the largest state in the country with a population of more than 30 million people, the leading state is also teeming with insurance carriers hoping to win over as large a part of the overall Texan population. Due to this, health insurance in Texas used to be expensive too, so a lot of Texans these days don’t have health coverage. But as more and more companies start offering a wider variety of health insurance products, Texan people now have more options to choose from, and their needs are more likely to be met.

Health care in Texas is also rather expensive, so it is a necessity. Going without insurance is a risk that Texans cannot afford to take. Records also show that though health in Texas has improved last year, the state still has high rates of infectious diseases and it is still one of the states with the biggest lack in health insurance.

Health Insurance Texas: The Best Two Combinations You Should Be Looking For

  • Celtic


UNICARE is one of the companies that offer one of the two types of health insurance plans you should be focusing on in Texas. Health insurance in Texas can be confusing because of all the different types of health plans available around. However, UNICARE offers one of the best options: a health plan that combines comprehensive health care and preventive care. This is the ideal choice for those who are looking for complete coverage.

The offer from UNICARE features comprehensive major medical insurance with coverage for preventive care. The preventive care coverage includes $30 co-pay for doctor visits so you will be encouraged to pay a visit to your doctor for preventive care and early detection and treatment of any possible medical problem. You can also get $10 co-pay on any purchase of generic drugs. You can even get free well physical checkups as part of the package.

UNICARE is also a highly innovative and credible company, so the overall package you get also rises in value. The UNICARE plans are also appropriate for individuals, families, and groups.

2. Celtic

Celtic health insurance is a well-known health insurance carrier in the country. Its operation is very active in Texas as it has many affordable offers that the Texan can greatly benefit from. The main Celtic offers that really do well in Texas are plans that have low co-pays and comprehensive coverage. This plan setup features very low co-pays but already allows you to enjoy comprehensive health care benefits. It comes with a $10 co-pay benefit for all visits to your doctors as a way to also promote preventive care. You can also add an optional Rx co-pay card so you can get discounts on prescription drugs.

Celtic also gives several health insurance Texas options. Aside from traditional health plans, the company also offers short term health plans and Health Savings Accounts.

Celtic allows online applications. Quotes are also available online so you can still make careful considerations before finally choosing a health insurance in Texas.

Health Insurance Texas: Risk Pools in Texas

There is another option waiting for Texans. Those who have serious medical problems in their medical history can find it hard to buy health insurance plans. Thus, Texas also sponsors state-funded programs meant for people who can buy health plans but usually get rejected due to their pre-existing medical problems. If this has become a problem for you, contact your state health and insurance department for more information on the health insurance Texas risk pool offered in the state.

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