Aetna Health Insurance plans – Great Providers, Benefits for Individuals and Families

Aetna health insurance plans is offered by the Aetna insurance company, a renowned national leader when it comes to insurance. The Aetna health insurance providers are highly recognized and the Aetna health insurance benefits  is widely know as top notch. They offer a wide range of services such as the Aetna health insurance for individuals and Aetna insurance plans for families. The company was founded in 1853; its initial operation was based in Hartford, Connecticut, but the current company that we now see and benefit from is now an extremely huge version of the company’s humble beginnings.

Part of the reason behind Aetna’s monumental success is its full range of offers. The company serves more than just consumers in general, but every kind of consumer. Whether you have specific needs or your needs are pretty basic, you will find healthcare solutions waiting for you through an Aetna health insurance plan. If you want more information on all the products and services being offered by Aetna health insurance, read on.

Aetna Health Insurance Plans – Benefits for Families and Individuals

  • Aetna Health plans for individuals and families
  • Consumer-driven products for every consumer
  • Solutions for employers and organizations of all sizes

1. Aetna Health plans for individuals and families

Individuals and families can enjoy myriads of benefits from the special health insurance plans of Aetna. These individual health plans are offered to people who are interested in buying health insurance on their own. The plans are especially designed to help consumers minimize their healthcare expenses, maximize their savings, and still receive good quality health care. All in all, Aetna offers several PPO plans plus two plans that can be fitted with an HSA or Health Savings Accounts. The plans can cover any medical procedure, ranging from routine procedures all the way to specialty care and emergency care. There is also a focus on preventive care and diagnostic testing.

Some of the plans also offer additional prescription drug benefits. You can also choose your own preference between plans with high deductibles or plans with no deductibles, whichever you think will be most beneficial for you and most suitable for your needs and financial capacity. These individual plans are offered similarly in most states, although in certain states, Aetna offers state-specific plans.

2. Consumer-driven products for every consumer

To supplement its various Aetna health insurance plan offers, Aetna also offers various consumer-directed health plans and health funds. These are special options for those who have special needs, especially those who want to have more control over their health care expenditures. These products can be availed of alongside with other health plans offered by Aetna.

The two products are the Health Reimbursement Arrangement or HRA and the Health Savings Account or HSA. These plans are called consumer-directed because they give consumers complete control. The plans can also pick up where existing health insurance plans left off, so consumers enjoy complete peace of mind. The plans allow consumers to keep a special fund or account that will help them pay for their medical needs. This way, even those who have limited coverage from existing plans can still pay for uncovered medical care.

In the case of HRAs, employers set up a specific fund that will help each employee pay for health care. The fund will be built up each time the employee receives his salary. A part of his income automatically adds to the fund. Any amount that is unused at the end of the year will carry over to the following year and for as long as the plan is maintained. If you get an HRA account, you also get free preventive care, so you don’t have to dip into the fund for your preventive care needs. The fund also serves as your own savings. This option, however, may not be available to small groups in certain states.

As for the HSAs or Health Savings Account, this plan allows consumers to keep a part of their earnings in an account that will be solely dedicated to their healthcare expenses. The portion of earnings will be diverted into the HSA plan even before tax deduction, so you get legal tax benefits in the process. Likewise, the HSAs carry over any remaining amount this year to the next year. The beauty of the HSA plans for individuals is that regardless of whether they change jobs or health insurance plans, the HSAs remain untouched and unchanged.

3. Aetna for employers and organizations of all sizes

Part of the secret to Aetna’s success is its ability to offer insurance to large numbers of people, and this ability is tried and tested by the various Aetna health insurance solutions for businesses of all sizes. Aetna assists employers in providing healthcare benefits for their employees. The company offers different products suited for businesses of various sizes, from companies with 2 to 50 employees, 50 to 3,000 employees, and companies with more than 3,000 employers. Aetna also offers special Multi-Employer Labor Funds.

All plans offer companies a cost-friendly way to provide healthcare incentives to their employees. The plans, however, come with robust coverage to make sure the end consumers get meaningful benefits from the plans. Some companies tend to offer low quality plans to their employees because they are under budget constraints. Aetna makes budgeting friendly for companies without sacrificing the quality of health care employees ultimately receive.

Aetna Health Insurance: Its Mission and Its Causes

Aetna’s mission is not just to offer health insurance. It is to help you manage your health care without compromising your financial security. This is made possible by the company’s efforts to connect you with cost-effective health care.

On top of this, however, Aetna has formed the Aetna Foundation that promotes wellness at the community level, and encourages collective efforts in making this possible. This is Aetna’s main thrust towards the charitable. The foundation has been advancing complete community wellness since 1972 for a full range of Aetna health insurance benefits.

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