Health Insurance Companies – The Best, Top Independent, List of Major Plans.

Health insurance companies abound in America.  But what are the best health insurance companies, the top picks among the major plans ? After all, health care is a rather active and somewhat controversial issue.  There are, however, some companies that stand out among the group. These companies stand out for various reasons, but the top health insurance companies stand out on the list of major providers because they know what needs to respond to with their products and services, they go beyond just offering insurance and really commit themselves to consumer healthcare, and they offer affordable costs. The mark of these companies is that they operate in a nationwide basis and serve millions and millions of consumers. Their names are also the first ones to come to mind when health insurance is the topic and they dominate the list of health insurance companies with the best plans around.

In America, it is not easy to identify which companies are the best and the most popular. A quick look online and you will come across these top three names almost immediately. If you want nothing but the best in your search for a health insurance plan, then these three are what you are looking for. Learn more about these top three health insurance companies in the country to know just how good the best health insurance offers can get.

The Top Independent Health Insurance Companies in the Country

  • Aetna health insurance company
  • Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance company
  • Humana health insurance company

1. Aetna health insurance – Providers of Top Health Care

Aetna is one of the most popular insurance providers in the country. Its offers include medical insurance, dental insurance, vision insurance, disability insurance, life insurance, and special insurance offers for students, pets, behavioural health care, wellness, pharmaceutical, and so on.  Its medical insurance offers are targeted towards, first, individuals or families, and second, small and large businesses for employer-offered health coverage. The plans all offer considerable coverage at reasonable costs.

All members of Aetna will then enjoy, apart from their coverage, a high-quality and prompt customer support system, access to a wide network consisting of reputable hospitals, clinics, doctors, and specialists, and several health care tools that Aetna uses to encourage and promote complete health and wellness among its valued members.

2. Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance

One of the companies that most successfully dominate the insurance market is Blue Cross Blue Shield. Blue Cross Blue Shield is an association that branches out into several smaller companies or associate companies. Blue Cross Blue Shield works like an umbrella organization, and it includes 39 different smaller companies that, when combined, now offers services and products to more than 100 million citizens.

Blue Cross Blue Shield includes several publicly traded companies including Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Anthe, Blue Cross, and Empire Blue Cross and Blue Shield, which operates in selected states. It also includes multi-state private companies such as CareFirst, Highmark, Premera, The Regence Group, and Wellmark. It also has a bunch of single-state and regional companies, some of which bear the Blue Cross Blue Shield name, some just either the Blue Cross or the Blue Shield. Some examples are the Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama, the Blue Shield of California, and the Blue Cross of Idaho. Due to these highly expansive network of insurance companies, both the blue cross and the blue shield emblems of the company have become closely associated with high quality health care.

3. Humana health insurance Company Plans

Humana is another one of the most successful health insurance companies in the country. But while the other famous companies offer the same thoroughfare and are quite good at it, Humana chooses to offer a more unique approach to healthcare, and is also quite good at it. Humana’s plans are especially designed, but they fall into four categories: group health insurance, Medicare plans, individual health insurance plans from HumanaOne, and plans with specialty benefits. By just offering four categories of plans, Humana keeps health insurance selection simple, targeted, and highly effectual.

The group health insurance plans also include consumer-focused health plans as well as healthcare spending accounts and is really a top class health care option. With such a combination, members can get the plans that they need the most, then get backup healthcare spending accounts to cover the risks that they don’t have to take anymore.

Individual plans from HumanaOne are characterized by healthy coverage, limited exclusions, affordable costs, and flexibility. The plans are also designed to work together with HSAs, so you also have the same HSA option for complete assurance.

Specialty benefits offered by Humana health insurance include accident insurance, disability coverage, employee assistance programs, workplace voluntary benefits, and so on. The company also offers a critical illness coverage for those who need coverage for a specific critical illness, which is often accompanied by mountainous costs. Lastly, Humana is also one of the select health insurance companies that offer supplemental health plans so members can take charge of the level of coverage best suited for their unique situations.

Factors that Contribute to the Success of the Best Major Health Insurance Companies

Several factors contribute to the success of the top health insurance companies on the list. Based on the companies featured above, it is easy to say that some of these most important factors include location, accessibility and availability, the quality of products and services, the cost, the reputation and overall rating of the company, and extensive offers that effectively reach across the industry.

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