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,SweetheartsGuardian health insurance, offered by the Guardian Life Insurance Company of America, is a well-known source of health assistance in the country. Guardian has been in the business since 1860, so it really has all the experience and stability most people are looking for when it comes to insurance. Due to its long and dated history, it is now one of the biggest mutual life insurance providers in the country and maintains a dominant hold in the city of its headquarters: New York. Aside from its main base of operations, Guardian also reaches out to all citizens through its 80 agencies scattered all over the country.

Guardian offers various insurance and financial products that are designed to protect the interests of various types of customers, ranging from individuals, families, companies and their employees, small and large businesses, and so on, with emphasis on small to mid-sized businesses. Their products include life insurance, disability insurance, dental insurance, long term care insurance, and most of all, health insurance. These products are now enjoyed by almost 5 million policy holders, on top of the almost 3 million customers of the company’s investment products such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and annuities.

For someone like you who is looking for health insurance, all these info about Guardian can help you see just how stable and reliable the company is. And if you want a health insurance provider that you can really put your trust in, then Guardian is exactly what you are looking for.


How Guardian health insurance can ensure your complete health

  • Guardian medical insurance
  • Guardian health and vision combination package
  • Guardian vision plan
  • Guardian dental plan

1. Guardian medical insurance

Guardian health insurance comes in many forms in line with the company’s goal of ensuring the total health of its customers rather than just focus on one part of their wellness. But if you are only looking for a health plan, Guardian offers its medical insurance. Guardian offers this in various packages to flexibly meet the varying needs of different employers. Guardian offers the HSA-compliant health plans, consumer-driven designs, and two-year health plans. These plans vary in benefit packages, co-pay setups, rates, funding arrangements, and discount opportunities to meet the exact requirements of various customers. Best of all, this product includes coverage for emergencies during foreign travels.

What the plans do have in common are annual preventive and wellness screenings including gynecological exams, mammograms, routine x-rays, prostate screenings, and immunizations, and these are all offered by the best health providers in the country. Guardian currently works with 450,000 providers and 4,200 hospitals and clinics. You also get an electronic provider directory and an online portal for all your insurance administrative needs, including easy enrollment and prompt claims processes.

2. Guardian health and vision combination package


If you are looking for a health insurance and also needs some attention for your eyes, then you will benefit more by getting a plan that combines both health and vision. Guardian offers such a package in the Destiny Health Vision Plan, which offers both health and vision care coverage. Coverage for vision care is provided by Eye Care Plan of American or ECPA.

3. Guardian vision plan


If you already have a health plan and just needs a vision care coverage, the best Guardian health insurance for you is the VisionGuard Vision Care PPO, which gives you access to 22,000 care providers all over the country. You can visit your own choice of doctor, but get more discounts when you visit a doctor from within the PPO network. This plan offers great coverage for vision exams, eyeglasses, and contact lenses.

4. Guardian dental plans


Guardian health insurance also gives sufficient attention to your teeth, so as not to neglect an important part of your body that also requires sufficient care. Guardian offers both a PPO and an HMO dental plan. For those who are not yet aware of what DHMO is, it stands for Dental Health Managed Organization. Guardian offers this prepaid membership plan in certain areas only. This plan requires members to choose one dentist from within the network and seek discounted care from that dentist alone.

Aside from that, the PPO plan offered by Guardian is called the DentalGuard PPO, which is a rather popular product from the company. This plan works like any PPO plan and allows you access to the highest discounts by providing you with more than 70,000 different dentists within the network.

Guardian Health Insurance Unique Offer: Insurance for Critical Illness


Guardian health insurance also comes with one offer that is a bit unique in the industry. Guardian offers insurance for critical illness, which is coverage for Americans who are struggling with critical diseases such as cancer, stroke, heart attacks, organ transplants, coronary artery bypass graft, kidney failure. The plan is especially designed to give savings for extended hospital confinement and for all routine screenings and procedures. This, however, may not be available in all the states.

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