Mega Life and Health Insurance Company – Plans, Providers, Benefits and Negatives

Mega life and health insurance company has several health insurance products that have been benefiting consumers for over 20 years now. Mega takes confidence in the fact that it has developed a more personal approach to providing insurance during its long history. Over the years, it has committed itself not just to providing life and health assistance but also to understanding the unique needs of customers. What are the core principes of the Mega life and health insurance plans : what are the benefits and negatives ?

Mega life and health insurance company markets its different insurance products using the HealthMarkets brand name. The company’s headquarter is located in North Richland Hills in Texas although it offers its services in most states in the US except New York. Due to its wide service range, the company’s products come with unique features that vary from one state to another.

Local licensed insurance agents are scattered all over the country to reach out to those who are looking for help with life and health insurance. If you haven’t met a Mega agent, here are some of the information on Mega’s offers that you’ve been searching for.

The Nature of Mega Life and Health Insurance Offers

  • Basic coverage PPO plans
  • Supplemental coverage
  • Dental and vision care
  • Critical illness coverage

1.  Basic coverage PPO plans

The basic health insurance offers from Mega life and health insurance is their basic coverage PPO plans. These plans are designed in many different packages so you can choose the best deductible-benefits combination that most satisfies your needs. These plans are geared towards helping you afford most of your healthcare needs including hospital stays.

The plans are all customizable, which means you get to choose the level of benefits you can enjoy as well as the deductible level you can pay. If you need help building a plan that is personalized for your needs, a local insurance agent can help you do so.

The PPO plans offered by the company is usually the top choice for a lot of consumers because of its straightforward costing and healthy benefits. The problem with PPO plans is that they require higher deductibles.

2. Supplemental coverage

Mega life and health insurance offers supplemental health coverage for those who need extra coverage on top of their existing plans. This is commonly chosen by consumers whose employer-provided coverage is inadequate. These supplemental coverage plans are highly flexible and can also provide supplemental coverage not just for health insurance, dental and vision insurance, and other forms of insurance.

Mega also offers income protection for your supplemental coverage. An income protection plan from the company can help you meet your financial responsibilities in case of temporary disability without having to dip into your savings. And since you won’t be in the state to earn money, the income protection package can provide you with the cash that you do not need. You can choose from two benefit options namely the Waiver of Premium Benefit and the Return of Premium Benefit.

The Waiver of Premium benefit will provide you with monthly payments. But aside from that, your premiums will also be waived during your temporary disability without invalidating your plan.

As for the Return of Premium benefit, you will receive the contributions you make if you maintain the plan until you are 65.

3. Dental and vision care

Mega life and health insurance also provides benefits to help you take care of your overall health. This means you can also avail of dental plans and vision plans so that your teeth and eyes also receive enough attention. The dental plan offered by the company does not require deductibles and does not come with frustrating waiting periods. It even comes with orthodontics coverage. Best of all, you can choose your own dentist.

As for the vision plans, these are designed to provide good quality vision care even at a rather small budget. The plans even offer free eye exams when you go to vision care providers within the network. The other features are discounts on all glasses and contact lenses purchase.

4. Critical illness coverage

Mega life and health insurance also joins the selected insurance companies that offer coverage for critical illness. The critical illness plan offered by Mega covers all the unexpected and highly daunting costs incurred in the event of a serious illness. This plan offers you a lump-sum benefit package that you can use in any way you choose.

Get more from Mega Life and Health Insurance with the MEGA Benefit Packages

Different cash benefits are also offered by the company for those who cannot earn income due to an illness or injury. Mega offers three types of cash benefit packages, namely the ProtectFit, the HospitalFit, and the CompleteFit.

The ProtectFit package makes sure that you get the cash subsidy you need even if you are unable to work due to an accident. The package will provide you with a lump sum payment for your accident, a daily hospital benefit, as well as a disability income protection for disabilities caused by the accident.

The HospitalFit package focuses on the hospital expenses an accident or injury incurs so that your hard-earned savings won’t go down the drain.

The CompleteFit package, on the other hand, offers you the combined benefits of both the ProtectFit and the HospitalFit packages.

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