Best Pet Health Insurance – Aspca Pet Health Insurance Plan, Embrace, Petcare Review

The best pet health insurance is hard to determine, as plans such as the Aspca Pet Health Insurnance Plan, Embrace Pet Insurance and Petcare are fast becoming a commodity as more and more people are now realizing the contribution of a pet in their lives. To respond to the growing demand for pet insurance, many companies have started offering insurance plans designed for pets. Let us give you a wuick pet health insurance review of Aspca, Embrace and PetCare, three prime ones.  There are now a lot of insurance plans compared to the measly number of plans in the past, but since the restrictions on such insurance products, companies have taken advantage of the chance to provide a much-needed investment product to consumers.

Pet health insurance plans also work like human health plans. They also come with monthly or annual premiums, deductibles, and different coverage types and levels. These plans, however, differ based on more factors. There are different plans for different pet species; the age and any pre-existing medical conditions of your pet will also affect the specific type of coverage you need. Aside from that, the lifestyle and nature of living the pet has, such as whether it is kept indoors or outdoors, will also affect the type of insurance most appropriate for your pet.

However, one sure way of getting good quality coverage is by choosing plans offered by best pet health insurance plans.

Best Pet Health Insurance Providers

  • PetCare Pet Insurance Review
  • ASPCA Pet Health Insurance Plan Review
  • Embrace Pet Insurance Review

1. PetCare Pet Health Insurance Review

PetCare Pet Insurance is one of the best pet health insurance providers in the business. It is also one of the first that will come up if you search for pet plans online. PetCare is set apart because of its flexible programs specifically designed for pet dogs and pet cats. These programs are also fitted to various budget constraints. Their plans also include accident coverage with no maximum limits. As for illness coverage, the maximum limits are pretty high. For dogs, the limit is up to $84,000 and for cats, the limit is up to $78,000. And while pre-existing conditions are exempted by other plans, PetCare offers coverage even for hereditary health conditions. And even if your pet ages, your premiums stay the same.

Dog ad cat insurance programs include the starter program QuickCare First, MasterCare for comprehensive coverage, MasterCare for complete coverage, QuickCare Senior for elderly pets, QuickCare Plus for special coverage of 6 additional illness categories and selected accidents, and the QuickCare Optimum, which offers a special blend of coverage including first time illness. Indoor cats, however, can also be protected by a QuickCare Indoor Cat Program, which is a special type of cat coverage.

2. ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

ASPCA pet health insurance has been operating for more than 140 years now, and it has benefited countless animals and pet owners. The ASPCA pet insurance offers 80% coverage for certain pet health conditions even with just $100 deductible and affordable premiums. If you have several pets, you can also avail of a special 10% discount. ASPCA also offers a special online portal where they can track their claims requests and update any account information. The plan is honoured by any veterinarian in the US as well as in Canada.

The coverage offered by ASPCA comes in four different levels, namely accident, illness, wellness, and wellness plus. And if your pet has long-term health conditions, ASPCA also offers special coverage for that.

3. Embrace Pet Insurance

Embrace pet insurance is also a reliable pet health insurance provider. The company offers plans that make sure your pet gets all the coverage they need, including coverage for accidents, illnesses, surgery, and diagnostic exams. What set the company apart, however, are its special coverage such as wellness and routine care, treatment for cancer and other chronic illnesses, treatment of genetic conditions or conditions unique or common to the specie of your pet, and even alternative treatments or therapies. Take note, though, that Embrace pet insurance excludes some pre-existing conditions.

With Embrace pet insurance, you can choose from a full coverage plan or an accident plan. You can also avail of supplemental insurance plans such as drug and dental plans and Wellness Rewards plans. Embrace also offers insurance for catastrophic illnesses; these plans come with high deductibles so premiums can be lowered. All plans can be customized to fit special budget needs.

Best Pet Health Insurance: Other Options to Obtain Protection for Your Pet

There are also other options that can help you take care of your pets other than health insurance. For examples, veterinary clinics usually offer special wellness packages or discounted prices. If you just need preventive care, you can settle for these discounts instead of spending money unnecessarily on comprehensive pet coverage. Aside from that, there are special organizations that offer discount programs for your pet health care needs. These options can help you save money as you look out for the welfare of your pet.

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