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MVP health insurance is offered by MVP Health Care, which began its operations in 1980. MVP, however, only operates within a certain area limited to New York and extending to New Hampshire and Vermont. Despite this, the company now serves more than 710,000 members enjoying the many benefits from the different types of plans they offer. The company is doing exceptionally well too so consumers do have reason to trust MVP with their healthcare. To prove this, the company was recently named as one of the top ten health plan providers in New York.

The MVP Health Care company does more than just offer health insurance to consumers. The company also offers innovative products that help to improve people’s overall wellness. Using unique offers, a customer service that’s always ready, and an impressive network of 500,000 doctors and specialists, the company currently serves its clients gladly and wins an Excellent accreditation status from NCQA in the process. It was also dubbed as “America’s Best Health Plans”, according to standards set by US News and World Report.

Unique Products from MVP Health Insurance

  • MVP TriVantage EPO
  • MVP Preferred EPO and PPO
  • Ancillary Plans
  • HMO Plans

1. MVP TriVantage EPO

The MVP TriVantage EPO is the primary product MVP health insurance offers to companies. The MVP TriVantage EPO allows companies to choose from three options, namely Active Lifestyles, Family Focus, or Healthy Alternatives. The Active Lifestyles option offers reimbursements of up to $300 with very low co-pays and coverage for routine and emergency care. The Family Focus offers reimbursements of up to $300 with low co-pays and coverage for kids’ hospital visits. The Healthy Alternatives option offers reimbursements for members who seek special needs such as massage therapy, chiropractic care, acupuncture, and alternative treatment methods. The plan already includes a dedicated web portal so the members can keep track of their accounts.

2. MVP Preferred EPO and PPO

For those who seek more affordable options, the better options are the low-cost EPO and PPO plans from MVP Preferred. The plans are rich in benefits despite their low costs. You can choose from EPO and PPO plans with high deductibles and EPO plans with co-pay. All members of the plans can earn up to $300 Well Style Rewards so they can engage in various healthy activities. Members will also get a personal health manager from WebMD as well as a new network of over 500,000 doctors, specialists, and hospitals.

3. Ancillary Plans

MVP health insurance also offers various ancillary services to complete the package. You can check out the special offers such as the FSA plans or Flexible Spending Account, the HRA plans or Health Reimbursement Account, and the COBRA plans. The FSA plans allow employees to put some of their cash aside for medical coverage before taxes are deducted. The HRA plans, on the other hand, are plans that the employer hold and contributes to in behalf of their employees. All employee-incurred medical expenses can be reimbursed by the company. Lastly, the COBRA plan is a service that makes providing medical incentives for their employees a hassle-free feat for employers.

4. HMO and POS Plans

MVP health insurance is also offered the HMO way. The HMO way is often known as the more affordable way, but without any sacrifices in quality. There are just limits as to the flexibility this plan ultimately affords you. MVP offers several different HMO choices including the HMO Basix, HMO Direct Access, and so on.

Another offer from MVP is the POS plan option. This particular choice can be availed of by small and large groups. Small groups get $20 coverage for in-network and 70% coverage for out of network visits. The larger groups can choose from 50% coverage for $1000 or $3000, 70% coverage for $500 or $1500, 80% coverage for $250 or $500.

Be Treated Like A VIP with ViiP from MVP Health Insurance

For residents in Vermont, MVP health insurance offers the ViiP or Vermont Individual Indemnity Plan. This is a special type of plan offered by MVP to those who do not have the advantage of getting a free coverage from their employers. The ViiP plan is targeted to college students, young entrepreneurs, applicants who are in between jobs, and any other individual who needs medical coverage but can’t find a source, and thus need an affordable choice they can easily afford. The plan features a monthly membership, so members do not have to worry about long-term commitments.

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