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A family health insurance plan is the best gift you can give to your family. A lot of families nowadays do not pay much attention to their health unless they really need to, such as one of the members actually get sick. But your family does not have to get sick. Families with health insurance coverage are more likely to have better health because they can easily get preventive health care, and preventive health care does not just prevent; it also detects medical conditions early and treats them before they get worse and really costly. What are some of the best affordable family health insurance coverage options. We’ll talk about that below.

A family health insurance plan can also protect your family’s finances in case of unexpected medical conditions. This gives you stability even in the face of rising medical costs, and peace of mind at all times.

However, the incorrect choice of a family health insurance is no better than no insurance at all. So if you are planning to avail of a health plan for your family, make sure you choose the right plan. Here are the best plans you can avail of.

Best Affordable Family Health Insurance Coverage  Options

  • Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Familiy Health Insurance Coverage
  • Regence BlueShield
  • Health Net

1. Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield Familiy Health Insurance Coverage

The Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield is one of the best health insurance options for families. This option is available for all residents of Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Nevada, Colorado, Virginia, and Maine. The Anthem health plans are the fruit of the combination of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield trademarks. And one of the factors that make this company stand out is that they don’t just offer mere health coverage. They offer solutions to ensure the total wellness of their customers.

To make this possible, Anthem offers plans that entail large dental networks consisting of the best physicians, hospitals, clinics, and specialists in the covered areas. The company also takes time and effort to remind their members of preventive screenings and offer programs that will help them to manage chronic health problems.

2. Regence BlueShield

Regence BlueShield is another product from the BlueShield group. Regence, however, is a not-for-profit arm of BlueShield, and the organization aims to improve quality of care and reduce costs for all families in its serviced area. It is currently the largest health care plan provider in the Pacific Northwest area. Regence offers health plans in four areas, namely Washington, Oregon, Idaho, and Utah.

Regence BlueShield health plans includes the Evolve Core, Evolve HSA, and Evolve Plus. The company offers this to 3 million members as of present. These members enjoy health care from 50,000 medical care providers and 20,000 health care facilities scattered across the four states.

Regence has won 3 Gold Awards in the eHealthcare Strategy and Trends awards. Some of its awards are attributed to the company’s excellence in providing an online portal for its members. It has also won awards for its highly valuable contribution to society, which includes a Gold award from the American Heart Association as well as other awards from the American Red Cross, and the Leukemia Lymphoma Society.

3. Health Net Inc.

Health Net Inc. also makes a splendid choice. It is currently named as one of the biggest managed health care companies in the country. Although it has only 27 years of experience in the business, it already services more than 6.8 million members enjoying its medical, dental, vision, and life insurance benefits.

Health Net’s success lies in offering myriads of family health insurance plan options to its prospective members. It offers an HMO plan and various HSA options for families. It has two types of HSA plans, namely the 2500 and the 4500 plans. The plan requires deductibles but offers office visits for free after the deductibles. The same benefit applies to emergency room use, outpatient lab use, x-rays, outpatient surgery, and hospitalization. Deductibles, however, are waived for periodic health exams and ob-gyn exams as well as well baby care, though you would have to settle for a $40 copay. The plan also covers chiropractic care and mental health coverage.

Managed Care Plan Options for a Family Health Insurance Plan

The best way to obtain affordable but high-quality health care from a family health insurance plan for your family is to seek a managed care plan. Managed care plans allow you access to the best doctors in the country but also provide you with reduced costs. You can choose from PPOs, HMOs, and POS or Point of Service plans.

A PPO plan offers the most flexible coverage for your family’s unique needs. It also allows you to make your own choice of a dentist. You also get to save money regardless of which doctor you visit. The twist is that you get additional benefits when you visit a doctor that belongs to the PPO network you applied for. This is, however, the best choice for the most comprehensive family health insurance plan.

An HMO, on the other hand, offers the most affordable option. It is a common choice for low income families as well. In fact, you can find some HMO plans that require only $10 co-payments with no deductibles. But if you want the best of both worlds, POS plans are the combination of PPOs and HMOs.

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