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Guaranteed Issue health insurance is a specific type of health insurance that provided to people who are otherwise ineligible for other standard health insurance offers. This means that anyone who applies for guaranteed issue coverage will be given the coverage he seeks. Everyone basically qualifies, as all usual pre-existing conditions and health-related issues such as health restrictions and age restrictions are no longer taken into consideration. In fact, the only instance a person can be turned down for this type of plan is when he or she has a history of not paying premiums.

Aside from that, however, guaranteed issue health insurance coverage also differs in many other ways from a standard health insurance policy. These special plans do not offer full coverage; you can just avail of the specific coverage that you need. The plans are focused on specific aspects of medical care. This means that all expenses incurred in relation to the type of coverage you get will be covered including fees for hospitalization and hospital visits, inpatient and outpatient care, and so on, but all medical procedures that have nothing to do with the coverage you obtained will not be covered. So it is most important that you choose the plan that will be most useful for you.

Companies that Offer Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance

  • David Rutstein Guaranteed Issue
  • Guaranteed Health
  • Core Health Plans

1. David Rutstein Guaranteed Issue

One of the companies that can provide you with guaranteed issue health insurance is David Rutstein, which offers affordable plans that provide extensive coverage. You can enjoy protection from expenses related to your medical needs such as doctor visits, hospital stays, surgeries, prescriptions, blood tests, x-rays, check-ups, emergency care, and so on. The company can also give you extremely low premiums so you can easily afford being insured.

Guaranteed issue plans start at $175 for single members, but you can avail of family rates to save money rather than enrolling separately. The plans can give you several other benefits on top of the coverage you get. For example, you also enjoy surgery benefits like a $1000 subsidy for each day you spend in the hospital or in the ICU, with a total maximum of 30 days each year. Some procedures, such as diagnostic services and x-rays, can even be thrown in for free. All these benefits are easily accessible to anyone, regardless of any pre-existing medical problem they already have.

2. Guaranteed Health

A well-known source of guaranteed issue health insurance is Guaranteed Health or The company offers four different options when it comes to guaranteed issue health plans. There’s the Silver plan, the Gold plan, the Diamond plan, and the Health Max Plus plan. The Silver plan is available at a lowest single-applicant price of $175, the Gold at $218, the Diamond at $248, and the Health Max Plus at $349. You can, however, also enrol up to 2 dependents. The prices will increase accordingly.

These prices will already include different levels of benefits. The Silver plan will include coverage for doctor’s visits, diagnostic services, preventive care, inpatient stay, maximum surgery coverage, and accident coverage. The Gold plan will add anesthesia benefit, critical illness coverage, and increase the coverage on some of the inclusions of the previous plan. The Diamond plan will add ICU coverage, while the Health Max Plus plan will add extra benefits for hospital admissions. All plans will come with an AIM Rx Card for 50% discounts on all mail order prescription drug purchases.

3. Core Health Plans

Core Health Plans also offers different guaranteed issue health insurance plans. You can apply for the plans today and start enjoying the coverage tomorrow. The plans are offered for individuals and families at very affordable rates. The coverage includes office visits, hospitalization, emergency room benefits, and surgery benefits. All members are also allowed to choose their own doctor, clinic, or hospital.

Group prices are also available for interested employers or associations. The Core Health Plans, however, are not available in all states.

The HIPAA Mark on Guaranteed Issue Health Insurance Plans

Guaranteed issue health insurance is offered by various companies and in different setups. However, these plans should have one thing in common: the HIPAA compliance mark. HIPAA stands for Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. It highlights the requirements that health insurance plans should adhere to. Since guaranteed issue health insurance is offered to anyone interested, there is a tendency for quality to dip a bit. That’s why it is important to strictly look for the HIPAA compliance mark in a guaranteed issue health plan you avail of.

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