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Blue Cross health insurance is the main offer of Blue Cross, which is affiliated with Blue Shield. Blue Cross, on its own, offers health insurance plans all throughout the country. It was first developed back in 1929 in Texas. Its first few healthcare plans focused on guaranteeing the health of teachers by providing them with 21 days of free hospital care each year for a very minimal fee of $6. From this small offer blossomed a great collection of health insurance plans that are now offered nationwide. The Blue Cross symbol is now closely associated with affordable and quality healthcare. The emblem has been in use since 1939. Now, still remotely connected to its initial cause, Blue Cross health insurance focuses on the provision of health care coverage for employees.

Blue Cross has merged with Blue Shield back in 1982. Together, the combined company operates several different companies including Anthem, CareFirst, Regence, Premera, Anthem Blue Cross, and Blue Cross Blue Shield companies in various states such as California, Alabama, Arizona, Delaware, Kansas, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Michigan, and so on. But in some states such as in Idaho, Nevada, Northern Pennsylvania, and others, the company operates under the Blue Cross name alone.

The Different Offers from Blue Cross Health Insurance Quotes

  • Independence Blue Cross
  • Blue Cross of Idaho
  • BlueCard Away from Home Care Program

1. Independence Blue Cross

Independence Blue Cross is the health insurance company operated by Blue Cross in Philadelphia and Pennsylvania. It is currently one of the largest health insurance providers in the five-county area including Bucks, Chester, Delaware, Montgomery, and Philadelphia. It now has more than 3 million members in the said area. These 3 million members receive care from 160 hospitals and 34,000 physicians.

Independence Blue Cross offers Blue Cross health insurance for individuals, families, low-income families, students, organizations, and those who are self-employed. Their plans can be categorized into HMO plans, Personal Choice PPO plans, and traditional Blue Cross and Blue Shield plans. The HMO plans are offered at as low as $76 a month in premiums. These plans already cover primary and specialist care, emergency care, prescription drug discounts, routine eye exams, eyeglasses, contact lenses, birth control pills, OB-GYN exams, mammograms, and so on. All transactions can be made electronically with no need for claim forms.

2. Blue Cross of Idaho

Blue Cross health insurance also offers Blue Cross of Idaho in the Idaho area. Blue Cross of Idaho offers health insurance plans for families, individuals, and employees. It focuses, however, on its offers for employees. Its offers can be summarized into three categories: the PPO plans, the traditional plans, the managed care plans.

Its biggest plan offer is the Preferred Blue PPO. This is available in two types, one for groups of 2 to 50 and another for groups of more than 51 employees. The plans allow members to enjoy in-network office visits and wellness and preventive care after co-payments of just $20 and $40. Deductible and co-insurance requirements apply to other services such as x-rays, laboratory use, and diagnostic procedures.

Another PPO offer from Blue Cross health insurance is the HSA Blue. This plan requires higher deductibles and is designed like a bank savings account. Again, the option is available in especially designed plans for small groups and big groups. This option provides flexible and comprehensive coverage for inpatient and outpatient care for all medical, surgical, and preventive needs of patients. The plans also provide additional coverage for chiropractic care, therapy, and prescription drug purchases with up to 60% coverage for the $2000 or $3000 deductible plans and up to 100% coverage for the $5000 deductible plans.

3. BlueCard Away from Home Care Program

Blue Cross health insurance also provides one unique offer: the BlueCard Away from Home Care program, which is offered to people travelling inside of the United States. This program is linked to the BlueCard Worldwide program, which offers insurance for international travellers.

To avail of the program you just need to apply for the plan then carry your Blue Cross health insurance ID with you when you go out of town. If you encounter any medical emergencies during your trip, you can go to the nearest hospital and present your card. You can also place a call to the primary physician you chose as part of your HMO plan if the hospital requires authorization or pre-certification.

The BlueCard Away from Home program is ideal for members who have children enrolled in out-of-state schools or have relatives in other states. Retirees with dual residences can also benefit greatly from this plan. If you also do a lot of travelling for your work or business, this is the plan that covers your needs.

The Advantage of Blue Cross Health Insurance

Aside from the coverage that you pay for, Blue Cross health insurance also offers you special advantages in their quotes. The Blue Advantage is a special savings program for Blue Cross members. The plan offers several benefits that you can enjoy on top of your covered healthcare needs. Blue Cross health insurance uses this program to make healthcare a larger concern in the lives of people, so that all members will be practiced in proper health care.

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