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Travel health insurance is a necessity for those who don’t spend a long time in a single place. A lot of people nowadays travel a lot; a lot of business workers and entrepreneurs also frequently take business trips as the international business field is becoming smaller and nowadays the demand for travel health insurance for seniors is even booming.

Traditional health insurance plans may offer coverage for all medical expenses incurred in accidents and medical emergencies, but such coverage may not be honored by the hospitals and doctors you are forced to visit while you’re out of your home country. In this case, you end up with absolutely no coverage – and in foreign currency too. What could be more stressful than that? It could completely derail your entire trip, not to mention have recurring effects on your finances that may plague you until after your trip.

Popular Sources of Travel Health Insurance in the Country – Travel Health Insurance for Seniors and International

  • Atlas International Travel Health Insurance
  • Seven Corners Inc.
  • Patriot International Travel Health Insurance Review

1. Atlas International Travel Health Insurance

Atlas International is one of the companies that offer travel medical insurance on a per-trip basis. The medical insurance provides emergency care for American citizens who are travelling outside of the United States. The company offers several plans to meet different budgets. The biggest plan is the medical max $1 million which provides $1 million worth of medical coverage outside the country. Other amounts available are $500,000, $250,000, $100,000, $50,000, and $10,000. The medical max $10,000 plan is only offered to US citizens aged over 80 who still need to travel abroad. The $500,000 plan, on the other hand, even adds coverage for Hazardous Sports for an additional 20% payment. This is ideal for those who are planning to get a bit adventurous during their trips.

2. Seven Corners Inc.

Seven Corners Inc. is a private American insurance corporation that offers its services internationally from its Indianapolis headquarters. Seven Corners Inc. offers a reliable health insurance arm, which offers not just health insurance but international medical insurance for US citizens who are travelling internationally. The company is backed by an international network of doctors and hospitals scattered all over the world.

Its travel medical insurance policies are especially designed to protect US travellers who travel both domestically and internationally. The Seven Corners Inc. travel medical insurance helps citizens face unexpected medical conditions when they are out of the country. The plans are available regardless of whether you are travelling for business, pleasure, education, or immigration. The company also have a special medical tourism insurance that is designed especially for those who want to travel to obtain cheaper or more specialized health care services.

3. Patriot International Health Insurance Review

You can also avail of travel health insurance from Patriot International. Patriot International offers various plans amounting to $2 million, $1 million, $500,000, $100,000, and $50,000 for US citizens who are planning to travel abroad. The $2 million insurance plans offer $2 million coverage for procedures availed of only outside the country. These plans only apply for a single trip basis. Patriot, however, can be trusted, which can be seen from its Excellent rating from A.M. Best.

Travel Insurance and Travel Health Insurance: Clearing Up the Confusion

Some people get confused with the terms travel insurance and travel health insurance. Travel insurance refers to insurance that protects your investment in case your trip gets cancelled. This insures all of your non-refundable expenses that you have already paid, be it for airfare, tours, and accommodation. For health insurance offered and honored anywhere in the world, you are really referring to travel health insurance. These plans allow you to seek non-emergency and emergency care even while you’re abroad. Knowing this distinction can help you find the right insurance product you are really looking for.

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