Health Insurance in Texas – Top Affordable Texas Medicare and Medicaid such as Blue Cross

Health insurance in Texas is highly demanded, but there is a large number of Texans who remain uninsured, but what are the top affordable Texas Medicare and Medicaid options. Several insurance providers service the Texas area to make sure that every resident in the state gets the coverage they need. The only question is whether each Texan is aware enough of the fact that searching and buying health insurance is an important and a highly necessary business.

Every Texan should be aware of the options waiting for him in the Texas health insurance field. Those who are employed can obtain health coverage from their employers; those who are in between jobs or are looking for jobs can obtain coverage through short term health insurance plans. Those who don’t have any source of health insurance such as self-employed individuals can obtain coverage by buying their own individual health insurance in Texas. This is also known as private or personal health plan. There are family plans that provide coverage for the entire family at discounted rates.

Now, if you need specific leads as to where you can find health insurance in the Lone Star State, here are some of the best sources around.

Top Affordable Health Insurance in Texas  -Medicare and Medicaid

  • Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas
  • FirstCare Health Plans
  • Texas Medicare and Medicaid

1. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas is definitely your one-stop shop for every possible type of health insurance you are going to need in Texas. The company offers individual and family plans, Medicare and retirement plans, and employer-offered plans. In short, the company can cater to all the possible health insurance needs of every single Texan. The best thing is that Blue Cross Blue Shield is a well-known provider of health insurance plans all over the country, and it is the country’s most stable and most successful too.

For individuals, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas offers comprehensive health plans such as PPO Select Blue Advantage, PPO Select Choice, and PPO Select Saver. These plans have comprehensive coverage and are backed by a large PPO network. There are also budget-conscious plans such as the PPO Select Value Care with no deductible and no co-pay. Then there’s the BlueEdge Individual HSA high-deductible health plan.

HMOs and PPOs are offered for employer-sponsored plans, and the Blue Medicare plans offer supplemental coverage and prescription drug coverage.

2. FirstCare Health Plans

FirstCare Health Plans is a purely Texan insurance company. It was established back in 1985, and has now come a long way with its member base reaching 200,000. The company currently offers health care products for individuals and families, small to large businesses, and Medicare and Medicaid members. FirstCare offers 5 different HMO plans and 7 different PPO plans so that members will have options.

Other special offers from the company include special plans that put importance on the health of children, teachers, retirees, and federal employees. This is made possible with the help of CHIP or Children’s Health Insurance Program plans, TRS or Teacher Retirement System of Texas, and ERS or Employees Retirement System of Texas.

3. Humana Monogram Total Plus Rx

Another highly popular provider of health insurance in Texas is Humana, and its most popular Texan offer is the Monogram Total Plus Rx plan. This is a PPO plan that offers hefty coverage and freedom to choose your own doctor and hospital. The plan already includes emergency care for out of country coverage. With a 0% co-insurance, 100% coverage for office visits after deductibles, and coverage for prescription drugs, preventive care, hospital services, chiropractic care, mental health care, and so on.

A.M. Best rates this plan with an A- as of June of 2009.

Texas Medicare and Medicaid – Free and Low Cost Health Insurance in Texas

Texan retirees and low-income families can also enjoy the same health protection and peace of mind thanks to the Texas Medicare and Medicaid plans. These plans are given to those who pass the eligibility requirements. These plans cover not just the member but also the member’s family and children up to a certain age level. These may be ways to receive free or low cost health insurance in Texas.

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