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Great West health insurance plans are offered by Great West HealthCare, which is the health insurance arm of Great West Life and Annuity Insurance Company. The health care program focuses on providing consumer-driven solutions to their health care needs. The entire program consists of PPO plans, HSAs or Health Savings plans, health reimbursement accounts, and so on. Their main focus is on assisting companies and organizations in providing healthcare benefits to their employees. As of press time, the company provides quality health coverage to over 2 million workers employed in more than 5,000 companies scattered across the country.

The quality health care that Great West health insurance plans give access to is provided by more than 4,000 hospitals and 500,000 doctors within the Great West healthcare network. This is now a long way off from the Great West health provisions of 50 years ago, when the company was first starting. Now, the company has expanded and even offers various additional services to their members. These services include special outreach programs to educate members on health and wellness, various decision-making tools to help prospective clients choose the right plan, and so on. This is provided by the Great West Healthcare Medical Outreach and wellness program.

Basic Great West Health Insurance Offers – Some Great West Healthcare Benefits

  • Great West Open Access Plan
  • Great West HAS and HRA
  • Great West POS
  • Great West Healthcare Consumer Advantage

1. Great West Open Access Plan

The Great West health insurance PPO plans are part of the company’s traditional plan collection. This plan is considered an open access plan, which allows them to choose their own PCP or primary care provider and build a relationship with that care provider. This combines the benefits of both the PPO plan and the HMO plan. These plans are offered as part of the CIGNA collection of health plans since Great West has now been acquired by CIGNA.

2. Great West Healthcare Plans : HAS and HRA

Great West health insurance also offers consumer-driven plans such as the HSA and the HRA plans. The HRA offers members a flexible plan design so employee plans can be fitted to the particular needs of each unique employee. The plan is also cost-conscious, and this makes it an ideal choice for companies looking for an affordable way to provide healthcare incentives to their employees. This plan can be combined with an FSA plan.

Another consumer-driven offer from Great West is the HAS or Health Savings Account. This is characterized by streamlined administration for ease and convenience, smart healthcare investments, as well as exciting tax benefits. The HSA is like a bank account that’s dedicated solely to your healthcare. These accounts are exempted from tax deductions so your full savings can be used for your healthcare needs, with interest. These plans require very little maintenance and administration, so it is a highly beneficial and convenient plan.

3. Great West POS

Aside from that, Great West also offers a Point of Service or POS plan. A POS plan requires members to choose a PCP from within the network only. The chosen PCP will oversee all the healthcare needs of the client. Any specialist need will require the referral of the PCP. There are family POS plans from Great West, and under these group plans, each individual member are allowed to choose his or her own PCP.

4. Great West Healthcare Providers : Consumer Advantage

One of the most unique offers from Great West is its special Great West Healthcare Consumer Advantage plan. This low-cost plan is a consumer-driven PPO plan that is highly popular. This specific Great West health insurance product connects traditional health insurance to innovative health insurance products. The plans feature different combinations of deductibles, co-pays, and co-insurance amounts so that employees and employers can choose the amounts they can afford.

Complete Your Great West Health Insurance Plan with a Host of Other Products and Services

Great West health insurance are more than providers of health insurance . In addition to this they also have several additional products and services so you can find everything you need from a single source. Aside from health insurance, Great West also offers long-term and short-term disability insurance, life insurance, accidental death and dismemberment insurance, and FSA or Flexible Spending Accounts. Aside from that, you can also avail of ancillary products such as discounts on pharmacy purchases and dental care.

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