Cigna Health Insurance Plans – Indemnity, Family, Individual and Medicare

Cigna health insurance plans is one of the best plans you can count on. The entire CIGNA family offers insurance coverage geared towards dental care, behavioral care, vision care, life insurance, disability insurance, accident insurance, and so on. The company is also active in pursuing a high level of social responsibility, so you can really rely on dedicated service.

Cigna has been around since the early 1800s although it was known by different names before it finally became CIGNA. The name CIGNA was the result of the two companies INA and CG. CIGNA has, since then, become a highly recognized health insurance provider because of its efforts in coming up with innovative and consumer-focused products. CIGNA also proves its stability by opening different international offices.

If you are looking for a plan and you’ve heard of Cigna, well you are considering the right choice. The only question now is which of the different CIGNA health insurance plans is best for you.

The Winning Portfolio of Cigna Health Insurance

  • Consumer-driven health plans
  • Individual and family plans
  • HMO and PPO network
  • Indemnity plans

1. Consumer-driven health plans

Consumer-driven health plans are the most innovative offers of Cigna Health Insurance. This specific plan category includes several different plans, such as the CIGNA Choice Fund HSA or Health Savings Account, HRAs or Health Reimbursement Accounts, and FSAs or Flexible Spending Accounts. The CIGNA HSA offers the chance to save money in a fund before tax gets deducted. CIGNA HSA plans allow members to choose their own doctors and to control their health care expenses. The savings account is administrated by JP Morgan Chase.

The HRA plans offer several flexible options and CIGNA allows you to roll your funds over to the next year when they are unused. Again, the same freedom in choosing doctors and spending the benefit dollars apply.

2. Individual and family Cigna health insurance plans

Cigna’s individual and family plans make up some of the company’s bestselling insurance products. These insurance plans are easy to use but offer comprehensive coverage so families will enjoy peace of mind and assurance as well as good health. The individual and family plans are priced affordably; you can get quotes for free from the Cigna website. All these plans can be used alongside pharmacy plans for maximum benefits.

3. HMO and PPO network

Cigna’s HMO and PPO networks are two of its most popular offers. The HMO network offers two HMO plans, one traditional plan and another that is combined with Open Access. These plans work like any HMO plan; you can choose your own doctor from within the network and enjoy low costs. The special Open Access plan, however, allows you to choose a doctor from outside the network even with an HMO plan; the catch is that your discounts are smaller. The Open Plus Plan is a special type of plan that is also offered by Cigna to prospective members separately.

Cigna also offers the PPO or Preferred Provider Organization, which allows you to enjoy comprehensive care, and your choice of any doctor at great discounts. There is no need to choose a primary care physician and no need to seek referrals for specialty treatments.

4. Indemnity Cigna Plans

You can also consider the Cigna health insurance indemnity plans. Indemnity plans are the trendiest health insurance plans that provide you with the best of both worlds: affordable premiums and the freedom to choose your own dentist. This also does not require you to choose a primary care physician or to seek referrals. Indemnity plans are considered as some of the most hassle-free health insurance options around. The coverage offered by indemnity plans are already predetermined for each specific medical procedure, so you know how much you need to pay out of your own pocket, and there will be no scary surprises.

Added Offer: Medicare Solutions from Cigna Health Insurance

For those who are eligible for Medicare, they can also avail of the Medicare plans facilitated by Cigna Health Insurance. The company’s Medicare offers are quite diverse so they can meet various needs. They offer the Cigna Medicare Rx, Cigna Medicare Access, and Cigna Medicare Select Plus Rx. The Cigna Medicare Rx is a prescription drug plan or PDP and it covers up to 94% of most of your prescription drug purchases. The Cigna Medicare Access, on the other hand, is a federal Medicare program. This is the same plan as the traditional Medicare plan; it is characterized by low predictable costs, routine vision and hearing care, a prescription drug coverage, a dental coverage, and the freedom to choose your own care providers.

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