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Individual health insurance plans are also referred to as personal or private health plans for individuals although individual health insurance is the term more commonly used by companies who offer this type of health plan – but what are the best individual health insurance carriers, what are the top companies ?  All these terms point to one specific type of health insurance: the one that consumers avail of for themselves, in contrast to health insurance coverage that is received as a benefit through employment or membership into an organization. In terms of individual health plans average costs, consumers are the ones who have to pay and maintain the health plans.

Individual health insurance plans is the fruit of companies’ desire to serve all types of consumers. They acknowledge that not all consumers have access to health plans provided through other means since not everyone is employed or have memberships into organizations that provide such incentives. So if you are self-employed, is a student, or is unemployed, you can receive health coverage only by availing of individual health plans.

There are many options around, and the choices are diverse. You have to choose carefully if you want the best coverage. Here are some of the most reputable individual health plans in the market.

Reputable Individual Health Insurance Carriers

  • Kaiser Permanent Health Insurance Company
  • Geisinger Health Plan
  • Celtic Health Insurance

1. Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente is one of the leading companies in the business of advancing America’s health care and the well-being of every citizen. The company has roots that date back to the Great Depression although the healthy insurance business that we now know started in the 1940s. The company, however, is still currently made up of the non-profit Kaiser Foundation Health Plan and Hospitals plus the Permanente Medical Groups. The result, therefore, are community-friendly health plans that offer healthcare from prestigious health providers.

Individual health insurance plans is just one type of health plan offered by Kaiser Permanente. They have basic coverage and comprehensive coverage at costs that you can afford. Application can be done online, but it is recommended that you ask for an online quote first so you can consider the coverage and cost combination that you are comfortable with. When you get quotes, you will not be under any obligation to buy, but it would be a mistake not to consider the offers from Kaiser Permanente since the company offers one of the lowest prices on individual health plans.

2. Humana Health Insurance

Humana health insurance is a leading provider of insurance products in the country. It has various thrusts in various fields; its two biggest are the medical/healthcare plans and dental plans. In terms of healthcare plans, Humana’s success can be partly attributed to the innovative plans the company came up with back in 2007. These plans are under the HumanaOne brand, the brand that takes care of the health insurance needs of individuals.

The individual health insurance plans from HumanaOne include three levels of co-insurance arrangements and 17 types of annual deductible setups. These are divided into three different packages, namely the HumanaOne Portrait, the HumanaOne Autograph, and the monogram from HumanaOne.

The HumanaOne Portrait is ideal for those who want complete or comprehensive coverage as well as total peace of mind. The HumanaOne Autograph is ideal for those who need health plans but can do with a lower coverage to fit their financial capacity. The monogram plans are for younger individuals who need a reduced-fee but reliable plan they can easily afford.

3. Celtic Health Insurance

Celtic individual health insurance plans is offered by Celtic health insurance. It is headquartered in Illinois, Chicago, and operates in all states except in New York. The company was founded in 1978 and is now well-versed in meeting specific needs of individuals, especially those searching for low-cost personal health plans.

With Celtic, you can choose from economical basic health coverage, comprehensive health plans, HSA-qualified health plans, affordable medical insurance for students, and short term medical coverage – all of which are marketed to individuals who want to take the matter of their healthcare and stability into their own hands.

How Individual Health Insurance Plans Differ from One to the Next

As mentioned previously, the individual health insurance plans being sold in the market abound. These are all also very different from one another. They have different coverage, different benefits, different costs, and different networks of doctors and hospitals. Some plans come with certain restrictions and requirements. For example, if you have any pre-existing conditions, some plans may offer coverage for that while some exclude that from the coverage you obtain. There are PPOs, HMOs, Indemnity plans, POS plans, and HSAs. There are also guaranteed issue health plans, which are plans that do not turn down any interested applicant. It is important to consider any special circumstances with regards to your health and to know exactly what type of health plan would be most beneficial to you so you can easily avail of the perfect health plan for you.

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