Short Term Health Insurance – Tips on Golden Rule, Assurant, Secure Saver

Short term health insurance such as Golden Rule, Assurant, Secure Saver short term health program is health insurance that’s temporary and only covers a specified period. Due to the recent downturn of the economic climate, a large number of Americans were put through unexpected transitions. This has caused a dramatic increase in the number of citizens who are currently in between jobs or looking for new jobs. This also translates to an increase in the number of people who are out of health insurance coverage. And since medical problems can basically strike anyone at any given point, a large number of people are therefore in danger of medical problems and the frightening costs and repercussions that follow.

Companies in the insurance business did well by offering short term health insurance plans. These plans hit people’s need right where it is most necessary. These plans are designed to protect members from any sudden and unexpected illnesses that occur during a time when they are not covered by their traditional health insurance plan. As expected, short term plans do come with certain restrictions and limitations. But for those who cannot live without the assurance offered by a health insurance plan, short term health plans are important.

Excellent Sources of Short Term Health Insurance Plans? Assurant, Golden Rule and Secure Saver

  • Assurant Short Term Health Insurance
  • Golden Rule United HealthCare Short Term Insurance
  • Secure Saver Short Term Insurance

1. Assurant Short Term Health Insurance

Assurant is a well known health insurance provider, and part of its roster of products is a short term health plan. The plan offers a generous $1 million worth of coverage, which can even reach up to $2 million. You also get the freedom to make your own choice of a doctor or a hospital. The plan is very flexible and allows the consumer to make most of the decisions and to have most of the control. This makes Assurant short term health plans an ideal option because it really tries to meet very specific needs, which is what a short term plan should be able to do even though it only runs for a limited length of time.

Assurant offers options of anywhere from 30-day coverage to 365-day coverage. This means you can be covered for as short a time as 1 month, or for as long as a year. If you are unsure about how long you want to keep your short term plan from Assurant, the company ingeniously offers daily rates. What this means is that you can easily stop the health plan whenever you feel like you don’t need it anymore. You won’t be dealing with refunds or additional charges because you pay for each day.

This health insurance option is open to all US residents and non-US residents who have lived in the country for at least one year.

2. Golden Rule United HealthCare Short Term Insurance

Golden Rule and United HealthCare work closely together to bring the best health insurance products to the market. One of the fruits of this collaboration is the short term insurance offered by the company. This plan offers members an insurance coverage with a maximum of up to $1 million. Once you avail of the plan, you can seek high quality medical care from the company’s nationwide network of United HealthCare Choice Plus PPO. The available options run from 1 month to 6 months, which is shorter than other offers, but it also means that the plan wishes to be more specific and direct. The shorter option of 6 months also makes it possible for a lot of individuals who just need a health plan that will last for a couple of months or so.

The best thing is that they can also decide on their own deductible amount. The available options are $250, $500, $1500, and $2500.

3. Secure Saver Short Term Insurance

When it comes to short term insurance, one leading insurance provider in the country is Secure. Secure specifically offers the Secure Saver short term health insurance for those looking for short term health coverage that runs between 1 month and 12 months. The plan also allows you to choose between deductibles of $250, $500, $750, and $1000, so that everyone, regardless of varying budgets, can avail of their much-needed short term plan.

Secure Saver covers office visits with a $50 co-pay, allows you to choose your own doctors freely, and makes sure you are fully protected by the large amount that your plan can offer in a single coverage period.

How to Know If You’re Eligible for Short Term Health Insurance

A lot of people find the need for short term health insurance. Unfortunately, not everyone gets approved for this type of plan. On the bright side, once you are deemed eligible, you can also enroll your spouse and children into the plan.

Your eligibility might be scrutinized more than once. Most application cases turn out towards the affirmative, but there is one factor that leads to automatic ineligibility, and that’s an ongoing sickness. People with critical illnesses are singled out because they need more than just short term health care.

If found eligible, however, you will be fortunate enough to always have hospital and surgery fees, outpatient doctor fees, diagnostic and lab fees, transplants for various organs, and so on from a short term health insurance plan.

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