Student Health Insurance Plans and Rates – Aetna, Assurant and UnitedHealthCare

Student health insurance plans such as Aetna student health insurance or Assurant health insurance plans may not be as popular as employee health insurance or family health insurance. But it is definitely no less important, so lets look at some of these options and the different benefits and student health insurance rates. In fact, students have a high need for health coverage, and they are the ones who will benefit the most from affordable insurance plans since they do not have incomes yet and are financially limited. Students, however, tend to be very active. They engage in various activities and undergo a lot of stress. This could all heighten the possibility of health problems. And given their limited student budgets, medical expenses can be an extraordinarily heavy burden for them.

A student health insurance, however, will solve this problem. If you are a student then you must be aware of what a health insurance can do for you. Don’t treat health insurance as a far off thing; even as a student with limited resources, you can avail of health insurance coverage to help you get access to affordable healthcare when you need it.

In fact, here are some leads to cut your search short.

Insure Your Future with These Student Health Insurance Leads

  • UnitedHealthCare StudentResources
  • Assurant Health Student Select Health Insurance
  • Aetna Student Health Insurance Plan Rates

1. UnitedHealthCare StudentResources

One of the best companies with the best offers for student is UnitedHealthCare. UnitedHealthCare has a robust group of plans designed specifically for students. They have a collegiate assistance program, a special coverage for intercollegiate sports, prep schools coverage, prescription drug plans, scholastic emergency services, and traditional student health plans. The plans are active for the entire academic year, and are very easy to avail of. In fact, the plans are practically considered as guaranteed issue. Rarely does the plan turn down students who need them.

The plan offers many advantages. It is affordable and offers excellent coverage you would not expect from its price. Aside from that, the plan will not add to your burdens as a student because it is easy to use, claims are efficient, and customer service plus an online support are available at all times.

2. Assurant Health Student Select Health Insurance

One of America’s most popular health insurance providers is Assurant. Assurant offers special student health insurance plans it calls the Student Select plans. These plans are ideal for all students who are no longer considered as a valid dependent of their parents’ health plan. Sometimes, students also belong to PPO or HMO networks, but they have to attend school that is not reached by their existing coverage. It is during these cases that Assurant’s offers are most significant.

Student Select plans are available for any student and for as long as they need it. The only requirement is that premiums are paid. It is not related to your school performance in any way. Even if you get poor grades, drop out of school, or graduate, you can maintain the plan for continuous coverage.

3. Aetna Student Health

One of the many impressive reasons why Aetna student health insurance is a winning offer is that Aetna takes the needs of student seriously. The company does not just offer plans for students. Instead, the leading company offers an entire arm dedicated to student health. So aside from the student health coverage offered by the company, Aetna also offers various resources to promote the overall well-being of students.

There is also one unique feature offered by Aetna student health insurance. This is the special ‘Find Your School’ option on the company website. This feature helps you cut the process of student health insurance search short.

Some things to remember when enrolling for student health insurance

Your medical care needs as students vary greatly from the medical care needs of adults and children. So when choosing a student health insurance plan, you should carefully make comparisons. This medical insurance plan is specifically designed to keep watch over students. The plan involves a $5K tuition refund insurance ID theft protection, and resolution processes. These are some of the things that we ought to  remember when choosing between different student health insurance.

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